Leptin Resistance: Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor System

Have you tried diet up on diet only to be harshly disappointed by the results you didn’t see?  If you’re like many women out there, this is the exact position you’re in.  In fact, it may feel like you practically have a Ph.D. in dieting you’ve been on one diet or another for so long.

But, despite your best efforts you are still not seeing results. This is why, if you have the chance to come across Venus Factor, you may find yourself very intrigued. This program is designed for women who have struggled to lose weight in the past with little to no success and explains that it’s not entirely your fault. Instead, it focuses on what’s going wrong with your body – not your diet efforts – in order to remedy the situation.

As such, more and more women are choosing to give it a try.  Let’s go over what Venus Factor is all about so that you can decide if this is actually an approach that you wish to use.

The Idea Behind Venus Factor

The concept behind the Venus Factor is that of ‘leptin resistance’, which is a situation that many women get themselves into due to years of dieting and improper eating.  Leptin is a master fat burning regulator hormone in the body.  Produced by your body fat cells, it tells your body information such as how many calories you’re consuming, how much total body fat you have, and how close you are to starvation.  As such, it regulates things like your resting metabolic rate, your hunger and food cravings, as well as your overall energy level.

When leptin begins to decline, the body thinks that it’s close to starvation, so as such, will do everything it can to slow down further fat loss from happening.

Now, what many women don’t know is that their body can actually be resistant to leptin, meaning even though you aren’t starving, your body thinks it is. So while you are doing everything you can to burn fat properly, your body is preventing the entire process from taking place.

Ladies, your body can actually be resistant to #leptin; even though you aren’t starving, your body thinks it is!

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It’s resistant to leptin, which means, it’s pretty much resistant to fat loss. Venus Factor attempts to resolve this problem.

With the right nutrition and exercise program, you can change the way your body responds to this leptin hormone, changing the way you burn fat.

This program doesn’t base itself around high restriction however, like many other programs you’ve found. Instead it focuses on getting you to eat whole foods that work with your body to turn up your fat burning engine.  You’ll be eating a variety of different types of healthy food while on this program and still get to indulge in some of you favorites like ice cream, pizza, and cake from time to time.  The layout of the Venus Factor program uses these ‘cheat’ meals as a way to actually get your body responding to Leptin even more, showing greater fat loss.

While previously eating those foods would have caused quick weight gain, now you can eat them and actually lose more weight because of it.  It does need to be done in a certain manner however, which is a key concept the Venus Factor goes over.

The program runs 12 weeks total, which is long enough to see good results, but not so long that you may find yourself getting tired of continual dieting. This makes it a doable approach for just about everyone.

What’s Included with the Venus Factor

So what will you get when you purchase Venus Factor?  This program does a good job at assessing all areas needed for optimal fat loss.  You will receive:

  • The Complete Venus Factor program manual (12 week fat loss system)
  • The 12 week workout guide, which includes a combination of strength training and cardiovascular training sessions you’ll complete as part of the program requirements
  • The workout video series, which gives you 143 step by step coaching lessons of how to perform each exercise (great for those who have never exercised before!)
  • An Immersion program, which helps you move into rapid fat loss as quickly as possible.

The Venus Factor is Comprehensive

Many programs out there only cover the nutrition element of things or only take a look at the workout side.  Unfortunately this will never yield maximum results because both are key for long-term success.

With Venus Factor, you will cover both ends of the equation, which is one thing that makes this program stand out from others out there.

In addition to this, it also works hard to optimize your metabolic rate, which is something that most women do need to be working on.  Many women currently are burning fewer calories each and every day than they ideally should be, so fixing this problem is a great way to bring about a change in the overall progress you make.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons about this program.

Venus Factor Pros:

  • It’s relatively easy to use even for those who have never exercised or followed a nutrition plan before
  • It’s comprehensive – the book itself will cover all the key details on why you aren’t losing weight and how you can overcome this problem (understanding this information is key to long-term success)
  • The videos make it easy to know exactly how to do the workouts without a problem
  • There is a large social community so that you can get help when needed
  • You’ll get a 60 day money back guarantee
  • The program allows you to eat many of the foods that you naturally crave
  • The program is reasonably priced at $47

Venus Factor Cons:

  • The book can take some time to go through as it is quite long
  • Those who dislike exercising and don’t do the workouts may be disappointed in the results they see
  • It is 12 weeks in length, so is not a typical ‘quick-fix’ type of program
  • The diet, while not highly restrictive, does require some effort, so for those who aren’t prepared to make this effort, results will not be seen

The Venus Factor Verdict

All in all, when you look at customer reviews, the progress made is quite impressive on this program. That said, work does need to go into it. If you are looking for a very simple program that produces immediate results (even if those results don’t stay off!) this is not the program for you.

You will need to do some work to change how your body is functioning and responding to leptin, but when you do follow the instructions set out in the manual, you will find that your entire weight loss journey is different from before.

What’s more, because you are actually working with your body here, this enables you to better keep the weight off in the future – something that most programs can’t say about themselves.

If you want a complete system and are ready to put in some work to achieve results, the Venus Program may just be the program for you.

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